Solution to India’s Waste Disposal Crisis Lies With Sweden

Waste Management

The mountains of litter that pile up in some Indian cities has got so bad, it has led to protests & ever growing environment problems.

Authorities point to a lack of landfill, but can we learn from Sweden, which recycles 99 % of its trash.

Yes, you read out right. As of 2014, only 1 percent of their waste ends up in a landfill. Thanks to their aggressive recycling policy, which goes in an order of importance: prevention, reuse, recycling, recycling alternatives, and as a last resort, disposal in landfill. An advanced system of trash separation which helps in recycling nearly everything that’s thrown away.

The amazing part is Sweden has to import 800,000 tons of garbage to keep their recycling plants working & generate energy throughout the year.

According to Swedish Waste Management communications director Anna-Carin Gripwell, “Waste today is a commodity in a different way than it has been. It’s not only waste, it’s a business.”

So here it is: Sweden’s Waste-to-Energy program, which is explained in below video:

But trash burning isn’t without controversy. Critics say that it sends more pollution and toxins into the air.

They know incineration process isn’t perfect, but technological advancements and introduction of flue-gas cleaning have reduced airborne dioxins according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

WTE is a smart alternative with minimal environmental impact by which we can recover energy from waste by exploiting a resource that would otherwise be wasted.

Definately, its not less than any “Recycling Revolution”.

So, Dear Indian Central & State Governments are you listening ? Let’s move ahead toward the mission of Zero Waste.

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