An Entrepreneurial Way to solve Indian Drinking Water Crisis

Smaat 99kenterpriseAround 3 million in India people die by drinking unsafe water every year and nearly 20 crore people below the age of 30 are unemployed. can these two  major problems intersect and a collective solution be found?

Smaat India Pvt. Ltd., is one of such organization which solving both of these issues to some extent by providing clean safe drinking water solutions at affordable prices to marginalized communities.

It requires two things
1.    300 sq. ft. of space
2.    Rs. 99,000
And start an enterprise which will solve India’s clean drinking water issue and also provide employed youth in villages to make a big change.

The model would require an aspiring entrepreneur to have a 300 sq. ft. of space, with enough raw water to install Smaat’s high-quality and certified water purification plants.
Water ATM is an affordable technology which takes a few minutes to convert water into safe clean drinking water. It has capacity of producing 3,000 litres of clean drinking water within one day only and has life span of nearly 10 years. The plant requires 2 units of electricity to generate 1,000 litres of clean water.
This water purification machines have capacity for purifying water up to 2000 liters in one day.  This is enough quantity of water requires for a small society of 150 to 250 families everyday.

It requires single time investment of just Rs. 99,000 to buy the machines and start this initiative.

Smaat Pvt. Ltd. Provides these machine at low subsidies rate, which has price about Rs. 3 lakhs out in market. Entrepreneur repays remaining money over the period of 10 to 15 years, through the profit earned form the business. The entrepreneurs will have to pay 20% back to Smaat India on every liter sold as a return on investment.

Smaat also provide 15 years maintenance and repair service of the machines which includes repairs, replacement of filters, pumps, motors, chemical membranes, etc.

To find genuine entrepreneurs, Smaat shortlists right entrepreneurs from received applicaions. Then Smaat provides a week training to shortlisted applicants and finalize the selected applicants list who then gets opportunity to start the enterprise.

About 300 people from various locations of India have already started such enterprises and their feedback is phenomenal.

Every enterprise can earn profit of Rs 30000-50000 easily.One enterprise in Karnataka have earned about Rs. 90000 in its first month.
In Rural India, this model is very effective as there are very less resources available in villages to start a business. One of the reason for success of this model is cheap rate at which villager gets safe and clean drinking water ie from 50 paisa to Re 1.

Most of the people do not think of business beyond a kiraana store. To help them adopt the technology and make them understand its scope is a task,” says Reddy.

Smaat India Operates with a clear vision of enriching lives. It aspires to be one of the most admired brands and one among the top 3 in India and among the top 10 Environmental Companies across the Globe by 2020.

To know more about their work, you can contact them at below details.
Head Office
Hyderabad address
Smaat India Private limited,
Hyderabad – 500068
Phone : +91 9000 365 000
Tollfree : 1800 8333 443
[email protected]
[email protected]

or check out their website 99kenterprise

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