About Us

Develop My India is an attempt to bring out the happy stories,the small good deeds & showcase them to the world. Here, We talk about incremental progress being made by the government & people of India, the developments happening on the social and economic front.

It’s not about “Me”,It’s all about “Us”,Because We are the Future of India.

We are part of “YOU”, the “COMMON” Man of this Nation.

We believe in Ideology of  “To Be the Change You wish to see in this World”.

“RESPONSIBLE INDIANS”, describes us best.

At Develop My India, We talk about initiatives making Clean,Healthy & Safe India.

We leverage the power of media & technology to help people do good by sharing positive stories.

By doing so, we have built & inspired an awesome community of people like you who are always sharing ideas with each other, helping each other with resources – and collectively doing good.

Our Mission : Let us together make India & this world a  better place to live.

Let Peace prevails across the Globe …

Jai hind !!


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